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Design is becoming more linked with problem-solving than aesthetics. Universities offer classes for this trend: “Design Thinking: Artistic Problem Solving and Impact.” The course syllabus states: “Increasingly, design has extended to include not just artefacts but strategic services and systems.” Design thinking is used across most sectors, according to this syllabus. “Design thinking,” it continues, “is an iterative problem-solving process of discovery, ideation, and experimentation that employs various design-based techniques to gain insight and yield innovative solutions for virtually any type of organizational or business challenge, prominently including those within public service.” we are egg boxes wholesale and food box manufacturers with a variety of products available on our site. 

Important Factors:

Though increasing as sectors, technologies, and populations rise exponentially, this trend is not new. Style has always solved problems. This has also been mostly true in public-facing sectors. The egg carton tale originates there. Design solved an issue.

The issue was that eggs were delivered in a basic, thrown together against each other, and transported however far. Before automobiles and as they were entering global markets, these deliveries were likely done by horse-and-buggy or other rough-riding delivery methods. Even if cars were used for delivery, their roads were either unpaved, paved with different stones or planks, or part of the new and untested paving practices. Road pavement and standardization didn’t reach the entire US until the 1920s.

What went Wrong:

According to legend, a Canadian hotel owner was frustrated by broken eggs landing at his hotel and demanded a better way to transport eggs than in one basket. An interim design was tested on the market before a local newspaper publisher reportedly took the hotel-challenge owner and created the egg carton as we know it. The Raylite egg box, created in Liverpool around 1906, was a hybrid of a carrying basket and an egg carton. It had a handle and interlocking cardboard pieces that formed egg compartments. Some images used wood. The egg tray, egg box, and egg carton show the design process.

Further Discoveries:

The newspaper publisher Joseph Coyle brainstormed many egg carton inventions to solve the hotelman’s egg issue. He also created a pocket cigar cutter and an auto anti-theft device.

He used a multi-compartment framework to separate eggs, but he added cushioning to protect the fragile eggs. His idea surpassed the Liverpool egg box. He first made his cartons by hand, but as demand for his problem-solving design grew, he had to make a machine. He “patented his plan in 1918,” The Globe and Mail reported. By 1919, he sold his newspapers and went to Vancouver to focus on the new business.” He took his egg cartons and plants to Toronto, Chicago, and LA.

Additional Features:

The Mail reported that “hundreds of millions of Coyle boxes had been produced” by his 1972 death.

The carton’s shape hasn’t changed. The main changes are expansion to hold more eggs and design elements. Consumer and manufacturer concerns about durability and environmental effect have changed materials. Coyle’s design had compartments spaced and structured to “absorb shock and to prevent damage during transportation,” unlike the egg box, which tried to solve the egg basket issue.

Final Word:

This tale fascinates me because Coyle had no experience with egg distribution and packaging before he improved it. He heard an issue and brainstormed solutions. I recently wrote a post about promoting creativity throughout a firm. This illustrates why. Anyone can be creative and problem-solving. If a newspaper publisher can create one of the most recognizable pieces of packaging in the world, a barista, receptionist, custodian, or anyone else can find the ideal design solution for a pervasive commercial (or otherwise) issue. Anyone can create a world-changing solution. That should motivate you.

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