Quality Egg Boxes Wholesale Supplier

Canton PackedIn Development Co., Limited is among the prominent name egg boxes wholesale suppliers in China. After its inception in 2004, we have progressed rapidly as a diversified plastic container supplier.

Why Choose Us

Top Quality:

Our kitchen egg box is made of food-grade stuff. They are safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and durable. Each of our egg boxes is:
• Neat and simple in appearance,
• Easy to clean,
• You can use warm water and rinse it

30 Egg Box:

Our egg boxes wholesale allows you to carry 30 eggs into the refrigerator with zero hassle. They are also convenient to take out. You can take out the eggs from the front and make sure the oldest eggs are used first.

Easy to Use:

A refrigerator’s egg drawer with a single layer design can keep the egg stable in a storage box and you can slide the box.

Widely Application:

Our egg boxes wholesale are the best to use in the
• restaurant,
• table,
• kitchen,
• outdoor picnic,
• barbecue and everywhere you need to put the eggs
Also, these boxes help you save space in your kitchen and put extra food in the refrigerator. With these egg storage boxes, you can prevent the eggs from breaking, shaking, food packaging and dropping.

Customer Service:

If you encounter any quality issues, always feel free to contact us. We remain willing to provide a satisfactory solution to any of our clients’ issues. If you are unsatisfied with our boxes, we will go till the end to make you satisfied.
Eggs are always vulnerable of get damaged. That’s where our egg boxes come to rescue our clients. They are not just great carriers, but they save you space which makes them desirable. So, if you are a small-scale business or in the process of scaling your business, we can fulfill your order irrespective of quantity.
Product Name: Pulp egg cartons
Function: Used for packaging of farm fresh chicken eggs
Material: biodegradable pulp, color customizable
Dimension: Wide range of dimensions available, Refer to the brochure for more products details
FOBprice: to be offered against quantity
Minimum quantity: 10,000pcs
Payment term: TT 30% prepaid, balance paidwhenshowing the photograph of B/L copy
Payment way: Wire Transfer, Paypal, Westunion…